Monday, January 29, 2007

Just did a check on the internet, using words such as 'pride, evil' ......

Wow, there is a whole lot of articles, sites on this. I am glad that more and more people are recognising the danger of pride, and how the feeling of being humble is already pride in itself.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Pride is the Root of all Evil

Hi Folks,

all these years, I had valued Pride as an important value. Without pride in myself, how do I have the confidence to face the World? I was taught, since young, that I had to have pride in myself, in order to achieve BIG things. If I had no pride in me, then I would end up doing shameful things: I remember hearing comments like; "look at him, such shameful acts, he has no pride at all!"

My schooling years had been very focused on academic achievements, and I was very successful academically. My pride and confidence grew. I felt good and proud of my academic achievements, especially when people praised me.

My career achievements were good too. I didn't feel or even believe that I have too much pride in me. It is part of me, and I am part of it.

However, I had no peace in my life. Much that I prayed for peace in me and my family, I didn't feel that God was answering my prayer. I can't recall what made me suspect that I had PRIDE as one cornerstone of my problems. I decided to ask God to give me Humility. And I thought I was humble enough :-(

God's answer to my prayer was swift and ..... painful. I do not wish to mention what I went through. But it was enough to drive me to my knees in sorrow and humility. I realise the depth of my pride was the scourge of my life. Thankfully, God gave me the courage and wisdom to accept His correction as good for me.

I decided to pray for humility, again. I thought I was humble enough (and that thinking itself was pride). Again, God answered my prayer, with a swiftness I least expect. This time round, it was so damaging to my ego and confidence... that I even had suicidal thoughts. God pulled me out of the mess and consoled me by letting me hope for the future, and acknowledge the sin of Pride in me.

I realised God was quick to answer my prayers, as long as I prayed for the right thing. I had been praying for peace for years, but to no avail. Now I understand that for my situation, PEACE is a CONSEQUENCE. I had to remove certain blocks to achieve Peace. Pride is one big block.

PRIDE results in:
1. jealousy
2. arrogance (of course)
3. unforgiveness
4. impatience
5. lies
6. inability to take criticisms
7. stubborness
8. talking down others
9. materialism (as it feeds Pride)
10. showing off
11. over sensitivity about one-self (as we cannot take criticism)
12. lack of sensitivity for others
13. fear -of doing something right in case it backfired and hurt us (and our pride)
14. inferiority complex (that is if our fundamentals are based on things that build up Pride)
15. hurts
16. selfishness
17. anger and hatred
18. insecurity, leading to hoarding and 'kiasuness'

You may be amazed why I list down so many offshoots of Pride. How do I know? Because I had all of them.

Modern society and values shun humility and raises pride. Children, including my own, have lots of pride in them at an early age. Pride is as good as THE ORIGINAL SIN.